What to wear

“What do I wear” is one of the most common and frequent questions I get before a session.  It can be fun choosing your clothing for your session, but the key is to be prepared and have your clothing planned before your session. The choice and style of clothing, can really make or break a session.  Today, colour + co-ordination are the key to making a successful photo session. There are some fabulous articles written online that can point you in the right direction – the National Association for Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) wrote a great article recently on what to wear, and you can read it HERE

There are some general ‘rules’ to follow when choosing your wardrobe for your shoot:- 

A Newborn Photoshoot – what to wear? 

  • Aim for simplicity with colours and go with a more neutral colour theme over a bright or bold theme. 
  • Definitely avoid logos, branding and pictures on clothing. 
  • Avoid having everyone in the same kind of shirt
  • Denim is great and goes with most things. So if you get stuck, stick on the jeans.
  • Beware ‘the reds’! Yes that’s right, red is great to photograph IN COLOUR, but in black and white, it looks plain washed out and pale.
  • Of course, forget these rules for dressing your newborn, because newborns are best photographed in the nude! 

A Family Photoshoot – what to wear? 

  • The above rules apply to a family photoshoot also, EXCEPT you change your neutral colours to bright and bold colours! Try and keep to no more than 4 complimenting colours and only dress one family member in a patterned outfit.
  • Beware ‘the reds’! Yes that’s right, red is great to photograph IN COLOUR, but in black and white, it looks plain washed out and pale.
  • Grab some accessories! Be daring! Choose colourful tights and leggings for girls, hats, beanies, head bands and gumboots!  The list of accessories is endless!

A Maternity Photoshoot – what to wear? 

  • Your maternity photoshoot is a wee bit different, and I will give you specific instructions prior to your shoot as to what to bring along. Really, the above rules still apply, just with a few modifications. 😉 

Having just gone through these rules, ultimately you should aim to simply be yourselves and go with what you love. If you love the vintage style, then go all out and find colourful dresses, shirts, ties, hats, beanies etc. There are so many places you can find unique and colourful clothing, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. 

Make sure that the clothing is comfortable and easy to move in, especially for young children. If your child has something special that he or she wants to wear such as their favourite costume, shoes or outfit, please feel free to bring it along. It is important that kids get the chance to be able to express themselves during a session.

Another great resource when choosing your wardrobe are these great What to Wear Guides – find the right season and scroll through the months to gain inspiration for your Photoshoot. 

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